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"Sample Article" - Ben Jarus

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The Future of Finance.
About JURF

The Journal of Undergraduate Research in Finance publishes original work written exclusively by undergraduates. Accepted articles are largely the result of the highest quality senior or honors theses. Articles come from all areas of Finance, case studies and pedagogy. All articles are subject to blind review by faculty.

The JURF exists to encourage exceptional undergraduate students to pursue high quality research in Finance, to provide these students with an outlet for their research, and to prepare these students for success in graduate school or industry. To maintain a focus on contributions made by the students, faculty involvement is limited to the guidance typically given during the writing of a senior thesis. Initial submissions must be made while the author is an undergraduate student. Requested revisions may be made regardless of the author’s enrollment status.

The JURF also publishes invited articles written by academics, industry professionals or students. Topics include job market outlook and tips, salary surveys, tips for graduate school, investment outlooks (by professional money managers and by managers of student-run investment funds) and tips on how to thrive in undergraduate career.

The JURF is published annually.